March 2019

Edd & Steph were the best company to explore North Head with for their engagement session! There was plenty of laughter and a good dose of adventure as we went on a hunt for the best backdrop in pretty light. I’ve never met someone more competent in exploring in high heels than Steph! We may have gotten a tad lost and ended up walking the long way around the mountain, with a reasonable amount of off-roading, and Steph managed so much more than I would have before kicking off her shoes! Haha it all just added to the fun of their evening.
  These two are kind, hilarious and genuinely lovely humans, who really are such a perfect fit. They have such a beautiful heart for serving others well (particularly the youth of Forrest Hill Presbyterian), so it was an absolute joy to spend the evening serving them with pictures to freeze the ‘stage of being fiances’ in time!
 Edd & Steph- Only 3 months until you become husband and wife! Wahoo!