6th January, 2020

Megan & Daniel ventured across Auckland for their Karekare engagement session, to start 2020 off in the most beautiful way! These two are such easy company, and are the loveliest people, so we had such a great time hanging out and exploring the dunes. I got to hear about their dreamy Fiji engagement, how they started dating at high school, and how close they are to their families (I think I even heard that Megan’s older brother shed a tear when Daniel told him he was planning to propose 😉 How cute is that!!?). 

What you don’t see in these images, is that it was CRAZY windy this day! Sand was swirling around us so violently that we were covered head to toe… it was literally all through our hair, clothes and teeth, and I still had sand coming out of my eyes two days later haha. But nothing could have dampened the loved up spirits of these Megan & Daniel! 2021 couldn’t come quicker – I’m so excited to photograph their wedding!

It’s right about here in the session that the rain clouds started rolling in! The wind was blowing harder and harder, we started getting wet, and yet these two were absolute troopers!! Seriously, this was hands down the most crazy weather for an engagement session, and Megan & Daniel didn’t even blink an eye at it! (Dream couple!)