10th April, 2022

On our way out to Bethells Beach for Alysha & Callum’s engagement session, I suggested that we could “get a little wet” at the end, if they were up for it. I can safely say that I’ve NEVER had a couple get so soaking wet at their engagement session… but I’m sure you’ll agree that it makes for some pretty epic photos! Anyone that knows them will not be surprised by the second half of this blog post at all! We had the most beautiful sunset right in the spot where they got engaged, and the clouds didn’t even come over at the last minute which they tell me is their sunset curse haha. 

Alysha and Callum are fun, through and through. They’re up for anything adventurous and don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes them the perfect pair. After knowing them both separately for a long time, it’s so fun seeing them together and noticing the way they compliment each other in ways I’d never expected. I’m more than happy to admit that I have a soft spot for Lysh. I love her. I’ve had the immense privilege of watching her grow up from a tween, into the incredible woman she is today. I know this isn’t about me at all (haha), but it just makes me so happy seeing her with the man of her dreams. Callum, you have gold. Your soon to be wife has the biggest heart, is unfailingly honest, resilient, hard working, incredibly capable, and so. much. fun. (Of course, you already know this all.) You two are going to have such a rich life together and I can’t wait to witness it. I’m beyond honoured to get to photograph this stage of life for you both, and I’m counting down to your wedding day! Thanks for being the legends you are and for fully committing to the getting wet shots… you’re the best!