18th May 2020

Do I even need to explain after you’ve seen the above image?! Haha- THAT is why veils are worth it! 

As your wedding photographer, I feel that it’s my duty to let you know that not all veils have equal flying power! If yo’d love to have epic veil shots like these,  then here are some tips for choosing a veil that will both fly and photograph well:

1. Avoid heavy beading and detail that weighs down your veil.

2. One layer is best! Multiple layers of tulle can be hard to toss.

3. Off-white is best. Some veils can actually photograph blue if they are pure white, which is very hard to hide in editing! This is true for stark white dresses as well. Off-white, light ivories and creams are actually better for pictures!

4. Fine tulle flies more freely. Stiff tulle is a little more rigid.  

Some of my past brides have wanted some veil shots, but not wanted to wear a veil for their whole day. Remember that it’s your day and if you want to just pull a veil out for a few photos, that’s totally fine! Now go have fun choosing a beautiful floaty veil for us to play with during your photos!